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Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass

World Record

22 lbs - 4 oz

Preferred Water Temp

60 - 80 degrees

Habitat Preference

Prefers slightly stained to murky water with cover and little or no current in depths from 1 foot to 60 feet.

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Rim Country Custom Rods is located at the base of the Mogollon Rim mountain range in the small mountain town of Payson Arizona. The Mogollon Rim [map] marks the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona and extends for nearly 200 miles across central Arizona with an average elevation of 7000 feet. Within a one hour drive are some of the most beautiful fishing lakes and streams in the world. These lakes contain various species of fish; Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike, Bass, Crappie and Striper just to name a few. My passion is fishing and I have fished these lakes and streams over the past 30 years. RCCR grew out of my passion for fishing; always wanting to know more about the mechanics of fishing rods and maybe catching my once in a lifetime record sized fish.

Catching a Big One!

Why a Custom Rod?

The most frequent question I am asked is "What is the difference between a custom rod and a production build rod?" The answer is many and those differences are driven largely by cost. Production rods are built on statistical averages. This means that a sample of rods are tested to determine the best "average" fit for a particular lot of rods. The test size can range from a one piece sample to up to 3 percent of the lot, depending on the manufacturer and the lot size. This testing is done by various levels of analysis using empirical testing. When selling anything in large quantities such as fishing rods, cost is "the" driver for most technical and quality decisions. Therefore, the quality of the blank, handle, reel seat, guides and the workmanship level are all influenced by the end item price which is preset to keep the rod manufacturing company competitive. To stay in business, these companies can not afford to test, maintain high standards of workmanship and inspect every aspect of every rod they manufacture. For this reason, most, if not all, rod manufacturing is done outside the United States.

This is where a custom rod builder adds value to the process. A reputable custom rod builder puts the customer first in building the type of rod requested at the best value tailored to the customer. As an example, prior to even talking about the rod itself, the custom rod builder will want to know some information about the type of fishing that will be done. If a bass fishing rod is requested, factors like location, type of water, technique used and fishing style are all important considerations. The size and strength of the customer are also factors in matching the rod capabilities to the user and the fish being pursued. Materials used in the making of custom rods are individually selected by the rod maker and the customer. Guide material, handle, seat, and winding styles are all individually discussed and selected.

So we're back to the question of who should spend the money for a custom fishing rod. If you fish just for fun; something to do while you're reading a book or if you take the kids out a few times a year, a production rod is perfectly made for these situations. However, if you are a serious fisherman, fish tournaments or want the best equipment in hand to catch that fish of a lifetime, then a custom rod is for you.

We at Rim Country Custom Rods are in business to support the serious fisherman and professional to help them achieve their lifetime dreams of catching the "Big One."

So, if you are ready for some serious fishing, please navigate to our "Products and Services" page and view some of the quality custom rods and services that we have to offer.

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